Hedge Cutting

Hedge Cutting is a service that involves trimming and shaping of hedge plants to maintain their desired form and size. This service can include formal hedges such as boxwood, yew and privet and informal hedges like hawthorn, beech and hornbeam. This service is typically used to keep hedges neat and tidy, to maintain their shape and size, and also to control their growth.

The tree surgeon will use specialized tools such as hedge shears, electric or gasoline trimmers, and long-reach hedge trimmers to create a neat and precise trimming. Depending on the type of hedge, tree surgeons can use different techniques such as pleaching, pollarding or topiary to maintain and shape the hedge.

It is important to note that hedge cutting should be done during the right time of the year, as some species of hedges should not be cut when they are in active growth, or when they are blooming. A qualified tree surgeon will have the knowledge and expertise to determine the appropriate timing for cutting each type of hedge.

Regular hedge cutting can not only enhance the aesthetic of a hedge but also promote the health of the hedge by removing dead or diseased wood, allowing for better light and air circulation and also prevent from overgrowth.