Tree Crown Lifting Service

This is a service that involves removing the lower branches of a tree in order to increase the clearance between the tree and the ground. This is typically done to provide more clearance for vehicles, pedestrians, or buildings. It also helps to let more light to reach the ground.
This service typically involves the removal of branches that are growing close to the ground and that are likely to interfere with the surroundings or are diseased or damaged. The tree surgeon will use specialized tools such as chainsaws and handsaws to make precise cuts and remove the branches in a controlled and safe manner.
This service is also done to improve the tree appearance and balance, by raising the crown, it allows the trunk and structural branches of the tree to be more visible. It also helps to reduce the wind resistance which can make the tree safer during heavy winds.

It is important to note that crown lifting should not be done excessively as it may cause significant stress to the tree, and in some cases, it can cause irreparable damage. A qualified tree surgeon will have the knowledge and expertise to determine the appropriate amount of crown lifting for each tree.