Tree Crown Reduction Service

This service involves reducing the overall size of the canopy of a tree by carefully pruning and removing branches. This is typically done to reduce the weight and wind resistance of a tree, making it safer, or to reduce the overall height and spread of the tree to match the space available or to fit into a specific landscape or view.

We will use specialized tools such as chainsaws and handsaws to make precise cuts and remove the branches in a controlled and safe manner, while keeping the balance and the aesthetic of the tree. They may also use techniques such as drop crotching and thinning to achieve the desired result.

It’s important to note that a tree crown reduction service can be quite extensive, and should only be performed by a qualified tree surgeon as the tree surgeon will have knowledge of tree biology and structure to determine what type of pruning is necessary for each specific tree and the amount of reduction that can be made safely. Over-pruning or improper pruning can cause significant stress to the tree and can even cause the tree to die.

It is important to keep in mind that a tree crown reduction is not the same as topping, which is the indiscriminate cutting of the upper branches of a tree, which is strongly discouraged as it can damage the tree.