Tree Crown Thinning Service

Our Tree Crown Thinning service involves carefully removing selected branches from a tree’s canopy to reduce the density of the leaves and branches while maintaining the overall shape and structure of the tree. This service is typically used to improve the tree’s health and structural integrity, as well as to allow more light and wind to pass through the canopy.

The tree surgeon will use specialized tools such as chainsaws and handsaws to make precise cuts and remove the branches in a controlled and safe manner. They will remove dead, diseased, broken or crossing branches that could put stress on the tree, while also keeping the overall aesthetic shape of the tree.

Tree crown thinning service is also beneficial for safety reasons, it reduces the potential for branches to fall off during storms, and also it’s help to prevent the spread of disease by allowing more light and air to circulate within the canopy which can help to prevent mold, fungus, and pest infestation.

It is important to note that tree crown thinning service should be performed by a qualified tree surgeon, who has knowledge of tree biology and structure to determine what type of pruning is necessary for each specific tree and how much thinning can be done safely without putting the tree under stress.