Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery is a broad service that encompasses a variety of different techniques to maintain and improve the health, safety, and aesthetic of trees. It can include any of the tree related services such as pruning, felling, cutting, pollarding, crown reduction, crown lifting, stump removal, or even planting and caring for trees.

A tree surgery service may involve removing diseased, damaged, or dead wood, correcting structural defects, reducing the overall size of the tree, promoting proper growth, and increasing the tree’s overall health. The tree surgeon will use specialized tools such as chainsaws, handsaws, pole pruners, and climbing equipment to access the tree safely, while also applying their knowledge of tree biology and structure to ensure the proper care and maintenance of the tree.

It is important to note that tree surgery service should be performed by a qualified tree surgeon, who has the knowledge and expertise to safely perform all aspects of tree care and who have the proper training, and certification in arboriculture. A tree surgeon can evaluate the condition of the tree, recommend the appropriate service and perform it safely, in a manner that respects the well-being of the tree and that of the environment.